Do I have to hand over any passwords? 

None at all. You merely add LL Rothman as a ‘contributor’ via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and we will accept. It’s pretty easy; it’s just as easy for you to remove us.

How long is the service?

The service at LL Rothman is as long as you like. We are proud to offer a liquid service where customers can quickly get in and out. No fixed-term contracts, just trust.

What content do you write?

Before we start, we will send over a spreadsheet with a list of items that we can cover. This is a pretty comprehensive list, and we need your input so we can tailor our content for your niche.

For example, if you are a financial adviser, but most of your income and clients come from pension advice, we wouldn’t want to write—and cover—the German 10-Year bond. A more suitable area of focus would be to cover different funds and income-producing funds. i.e., fund dividends, earnings estimates and so on. We would also touch on some underline economic data that would affect those funds.

What platforms are you on?

We use a product called HootSuite. This product allows us to publish across multiple platforms at once.
We can access Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest.
However, our main platforms are typically the big three: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

How would you post blogs/articles for my firm?

If you have a WordPress powered site, it’s pretty easy.
But, if you have a regular site, we would write the content and send it to you via email in a word doc. You can then review the material and upload it to your site. We do everything possible to avoid asking for any passwords.

How many blogs/articles do you write per month?

Writing such content takes time. We would typically aim for two 500-word pieces each month. You can scale this up, but the costs would also rise. Like all our content we would write for you, it is 100% original and not plagiarised.

How many times do you post content on social media?

On social media, we work all day. We use LinkedIn and Facebook to produce mini blogs—around 100 words—and Twitter for market updates and news (also microblog). The number completely depends on the markets. We can have days where your market is all over the news, and significant events are moving prices, in that case, we can be very active — publishing ~20X a day. On the other hand, we could have slow days, and on those days we would be looking at lower numbers, ~10X per day.

Do you post marketing material?

We can design and publish marketing content that is fully FCA compliant. The FCA has rules around marketing online, and it is of the highest importance that those rules are followed. A risk disclaimer must accompany every ‘call to action’ or invitation to get in contact with your firm.

We can design marketing material on your behalf, or use your current content if you wish. We do not recommend sending more than four marketing related updates per week — although this is totally up to you.

Do I have to pay for ads?

We use our money to increase your engagement; this is typically small, around £80 per month. We use a portion of our fee to heighten your online presence.

If you would like to expand your scope even more and target more prospects, you can always set aside a larger ad budget for us to use.

How do I keep track of progress?

Each quarter, we send you a report with the data that we compiled. We show you how much impressions and engagement you received compared to the previous quarter. We use this as a tracking mechanism, as we are always trying to improve.

Do you offer research?

We offer independent research on companies and investment products. Our research business is separate from the social and writing business. We conduct the research and give our honest opinion on the asset. The final report will include charts and model projections.