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A service designed exclusively for the financial industry. We write, edit & publish content on your behalf.

Publishing consistent high-quality articles improves SEO by 68%

Generating online traffic is a top priority for six out of ten financial advisers.


We write the content you need — economy, general market, or even company specific. We write, you publish.


Grow via SEO

Get your website to the top of Google with fresh high-quality content.

In-depth Market Data

We have access to company earnings data & fresh economic statistics.

Direct Publishing

We can publish directly to your site; or submit it for review.

Grow via SEO

In-depth Market Data

Direct Publishing

Our article writing service is billed on a rolling monthly basis. However, if you would need an extended plan, we can create a lower priced fixed-term contract.

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Frequently asked questions

The service at LL Rothman is as long as you like. We are proud to offer a liquid service where customers can quickly get in and out. No fixed-term contracts, just trust.

Before we start, we will send over a spreadsheet with a list of items that we can cover. This is a pretty comprehensive list, and we need your input so we can tailor our content for your niche.

For example, if you are a financial adviser, but most of your income and clients come from pension advice, we wouldn’t want to write—and cover—the German 10-Year bond. A more suitable area of focus would be to cover different funds and income-producing funds. i.e., fund dividends, earnings estimates and so on. We would also touch on some underline economic data that would affect those funds.

We use a product called HootSuite. This product allows us to publish across multiple platforms at once.
We can access Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest.

If you have a WordPress powered site, it’s pretty easy.
But, if you have a regular site, we would write the content and send it to you via email in a word doc. You can then review the material and upload it to your site. We do everything possible to avoid asking for any passwords.


Writing such content takes time. We would typically aim for two 500-word pieces each month. You can scale this up, but the costs would also rise. Like all our content we would write for you, it is 100% original and not plagiarised.


Our service is cross platform optimized for all platforms. Contact Us.